Wildlife Tree Atlas

AtlasThe Wildlife Tree Atlas is an online registry of known Bald Eagle and Osprey nests in British Columbia.  The data-base contains information on nest locations, habitat inventory and observations of birds nesting at each location.  While the main areas of coverage are Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, the WiTS Atlas is available to any interested group or individual throughout British Columbia.

The Bald Eagle and Osprey nest location are hosted on the Community Mapping Network: http://www.cmnbc.ca/atlas_gallery

Click here to view the Atlas: http://cmnmaps.ca/wits/

The Atlas of Bald Eagle and Osprey nest locations was reorganised in April 2013.  To view summary information on a specific nest site, hold the cursor over a nest location for a second and follow the directions to view additional information.  You should see a pop-up printable report.

At this time the Atlas does not have the capacity to accept the on-line addition of nest observations.  We hope to add this function soon. 

If you would like to contribute nest locations and nest observations please contact the Atlas manager at: atlas@wildlifetree.ca