Birds and their Nests

HeronWildlife trees are home to a multitude of bird species. This page provides information on some of the species that inhabit them, and links to other sources of information.

Most birds maintain a territory or an area that they consider to be their home.  Bird territories can be focused around a food source or a nesting area and can change during the year.  During the nesting season, birds can be very protective of their nest area.  When observing birds, especially near their nests, it is very important to respect their need for security.  If birds start calling and demonstrating alarm, it is best to back off and view from further away.  If more than one person is observing a bird or its nest, it is important to stay close together.  Birds will quickly get much more nervous if observers are in more than one location.

Eagle Information

arrow Bald Eagle Breeding and Nesting Biology
arrow Eagle Breeding Dates and Chick Age Estimator

Other Species Fact Sheets

arrow Flammulated Owl (PDF 234 kb PDF)
arrow Lewis's Woodpecker (PDF 266 kb PDF)
arrow Western Screech Owl (PDF 494 kb PDF)
arrow White-headed Woodpecker (PDF 243 kb PDF)
arrow Williamson's Sapsucker (PDF 241 kb PDF)

BC Ministry of Environment Develop With Care Guidelines

arrow Bald Eagles and Osprey (PDF 726 kb PDF)
arrow Great Blue Herons (PDF 653 kb PDF)

WoodpeckerOther Resources

arrow Videos of Bird Activity



arrow Cornell Lab of Ornithology External Link - An excellent guide to all aspects of bird life.